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Grass Volleyball Mission Statement

My goals for the Forest Park Open play volleyball are simple.

1) Give people the opportunity to play some good grass volleyball.

2)  Give people a place to practice for upcoming outdoor events.

3) Provide a fun volleyball atmosphere.

Hence, I want everyone to leave their attitudes at home, if there is a conflict, just replay it and be nice.

I want to always have one court reserved for open play meaning 3's four's or more's up to 6 per side, so that everyone does not feel like they have to play doubles.

I intend to have a coed doubles court, two men's doubles courts, and a women's doubles court if there is enough interest.

When more than two people are waiting to play doubles either go to winner only stays two and then off system, or go to qualifier court system, where one court is for deciding a winner to go to higher court and play winner who stands there, so there will always be two new teams for each match on the qualifier court, but the winner can stay as long as they win on the championship court.  I will try to bring some clip boards for people to sign up for next match so we don't have any confusion as to who is supposed to play next.

To make things simple, no finger action open hand serve receive at all.  Outdoor sets need to have little spin, most places call it bad if the ball rotates 1.25 times, lets loosen that a little to say up to 3 rotations.  I would rather see a little spin and less lift, and encourage people to use their hands instead of making them afraid to set at all.

Not to be Napoleanistic, but just for simplicity, I ask that everyone cooperate with each other, but if not, I am the final word on matters, and if anyone can not abide by that, then they will need to leave or not show up in the first place.  I will be doing my best to ensure that everyone has a good time, and that all is as fair as possible.

Peter Dore'