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5-3-04 UPDATE: We're on for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4,2004. Figure on starting at about 6 pm. Same place as last year (Cricket field--where Spikin it was held prior to 2002). There has been some construction in Forest Park, and the two trees that used to provide shade are now gone.  I'll update at about 4:30 pm tomorrow to let  you all know if its on or not. I went by there today, the ground is still pretty soggy....we need lots of sunshine tomorrow for it to happen!

Welcome to the new website for outdoor volleyball at the gateway region.

Once again, we will be hosting free open play grass volleyball for members every week!

We hope to start up the first full week of May(May 2-9).













Who Are We?

USA Volleyball Purpose

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Questions? Email the Gateway Region office at or call us at (314) 849-1221.


Enjoy Reflect Honor Appreciate 75 Years of Leading the Sport in America.


























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